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Organic Hair Lotion, made from plant-based extraction

It’s antioxidant properties makes the scalp circulation stable.

“Eat what grows if not, Then apply”

We’re Maintaining Richness In Purity, India’s Leading Plant-based Product

Pure Plant-based Ingredients

Driven By Ayurvedic Science

Organic Approach

About Us

Why HP Lotion?

Ayurvedic science’s beauty lies in it’s own nature which is hundreds of years old and it’s secret of strong, shiny and healthy hair is something that every individual seeks in his/her life. HP Lotion has been developed from a blend of 19 rich plants extraction which makes it rich in purity and freshness. It’s deep nourishment methodology prevents the problems of dandruff, acne & pimples that also results in the extreme hair fall conditions.

HP Lotion has proven to

    • Control dandruff in 48 hrs
    • The most antioxidant solution
    • In stopping hairfall
    • A good source of collagen protein
    • Enhance hair volume
    • Create a silky texture without any roughness
    • Source to prevent baldness in any condition.

Anti-Hairfall Organic Lotion

Get healthy hair in just 550 ONLY